Shop Rates: $75.00 per hr. 1 hr min.


Synthetic oil change (3qt.) w/chrome filter: 75.95


(4qt.) w/chrome filter: 85.95
(5qt.) w/ chrome filter: 97.95


w/black filter discount 2.00
w/non synth oil 3.00 qt discount


Certified Evel Speed Service


Fluids, Lubes, & Multi - Point Inspection

Oil change w/chrome filter
Trans. fluid changed
Primary fluid changed
All fluids replaced with synthetic fluids
Primary chain inspected & adjusted if needed
Clutch inspected & adjusted if needed
Final drive belt or chain inspected & adjusted if needed
Front & Rear brake inspection (including fluid levels)
Battery checked, inspected & terminals cleaned
Cables lubed, & adjusted if needed
Tires inspected for dry rotting, uneven tread wear, and proper inflation
Spark plugs & wires inspected
Shifter linkage inspected & tightened if needed
Headlight, turn signals, and hazard lights inspected
Air filter, throttle body/carburetor inspection
All this backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


259.99 for Big Twin Cruisers (3qt)

269.99 for Big Twin Touring (4qt)

279.99 for Big Twin Touring (5qt)

225.00 for Sportsters


Price includes new drain plug O-rings and new inspection cover gasket


We use #1 products, all the time, every time.



Mobile Services...


   We offer Mobile Oil Service, and Tune-Up, as well as bike pick-up and drop off for any in house shop work. Mobile rates are the same as shop rates with a 50.00 "Service Call" fee added to first hour. Limited to a 20 mile radius of Inwood, WV





Tire Service (Computer Balance)


35.00 Carry in Mount & Balance
(If tire is bought in house)


55.00 Carry in Mag. Wheel w/Your Tire
55.00 Carry in Spoke Wheel w/Your Tire

65.00 on/off Mount & Balance Front Tire
(If tire is bought in house)
85.00 on/off Mount & Balance Rear Tire
(If tire is bought in house)


Except tires over 200mm, Call for Pricing





Machine Shop Rates:


Please call for Machine Shop Rates